Friday, September 12, 2014

Running of the Gnomes 2014

The fifth annual Running of the Gnomes will be held on Scarlet Crusade-US Alliance Side on October 11th, 2014. (Where else would we hold such an event?) Starting in the gnome starting area at 8pm EST/7pm EST/5pm PST! That's race start time, so show up a bit early, get your tabard, and get a guild invite to one of our racing guilds, so we can do a head count of gnomes!

Running of The Gnomes 2014 will benefit the Cleveland Clinic, and the creators of the Tuohy Vaccine that is attempting to work it's way to human clinical trials so they can get the vaccine out to the public.

What is this? Why? What? Gnomes?

(SeeD in 2009 with their very first pink tabards)

Back in 2009, Skakavaz and I came up with the idea to turn SeeD's tabards pink for the month of October. It was a huge hit with our guild, and at the time, several other guilds on our sever were doing similar things. In 2010 we decided to put together a fun "little" run, with some friends and guildies where we would run from the gnome/dwarven starting area to the end, and play some games and then have a party at the end, and raise some money for charity. We expected at most 40-50 gnomes. 140 showed up!!

Why gnomes? The whole idea was to raise money for breast cancer, and gnomes were one of the few races with pink hair making it easy for everyone to rock the pink look on a low level character, and the idea of small change and a small gnomes doing big things was appealing.

Every year, we turn our tabards pink, people roll new little gnomes, last year in 2013 we had about 1,000 gnomes show up, and raised $1,305.00! Our goal this year yet again is $1,500 and we hope to meet or beat it!

How does a bunch of gnomes and pink tabards do anything for breast cancer?

October is breast cancer awareness month. We get that we're sugar coating something that can be devastating for people with cute gnomes to open up a conversation, but for a good reason: Everyone's been affected by cancer of some form. And breast cancer can affect our moms, sisters, girlfriends, teachers, best friends, coworkers, guildies, and something that we point out yearly, effects even the men in our lives.

One of the worst parts is that all around us there are so many people playing the game who are young who don't even think about checking themselves, right age to be going to go get their regular mammograms and are putting them off for whatever reason. We feel even if the pink tabards or all these gnomes remind even just one person to check themselves to get a mammogram or encourage that family member to go in to the doctor who's been putting it off we've done our job for the year. Even if it's just one person, that's enough.

Basically it's really hard to miss around 1,000 gnomes doing anything, let alone 1,000 gnomes with the same colored hair stampeding through half a continent. Hopefully we do start discussions!

But, just in case people miss the conversations,we're also raising money along the way, and encouraging members of the community to open up discussion about getting screening to prevent and catch all forms of cancer.

What do I have to do to participate?

Easy! Roll a gnome on Scarlet Crusade, give it pink hair, give it a cheeky name or a name that means something to you (We love tasteful jokes, but please nothing vulgar.) or any name at all, and on the day of the event, Tatayana and friends will give you an invite to one of our two "Racing Guilds" (Gnomies are too low to participate in raids, so this is our work around to getting a head count.) Show up early, and we'll give you tabards, and people hanging out from various other servers.

Yet again we'll be racing to Booby, er, Booty Bay, and if we can, this year, our goal yet again is a heart! The first year wasn't so bad, last year was super hard, and I'm hoping this year we can fill the entire top of the roof with our heart!!

We look forward to seeing familiar faces, people from last year and the year before (did you know you can tell how long racers have been racing by their ranks in the guild?) and new people this year, to raise awareness, and to join us for this fun event! Bring your friends, bring your guild, bring your
whole server!!

What's this about small change?

When the run first started, we based the entire thing on the belief that people doing something small could make a big change.

We asked guild members and other participants to donate based upon the number of gnomes who showed up, in small change amounts. For example, people would pledge that for every gnome that attended they would donate a penny, nickle, or dime. Some people now donate a strict fund, but some people still donate this way, and it's fun to see just how many gnomes we have! A few hours after the run, I'll let you know how many gnomes ran with us, and post it online.

1 Penny=1 Gnome If 10 Gnomes show up You donate $0.10
1 Nickel=1 Gnome If 10 Gnomes Show up You donate $0.50
1 Dime=1 Gnome If 10 Gnomes Show up You Donate $1.00
1 Quarter=1 Gnome If 10 Gnomes Show up You Donate $2.50

You don't have to donate if you participate, but you're free to donate if you'd like! The charity of choice this year is yet again the Tuohy Vaccine which has made significant progress since last year and is now working to gain FDA permission to start human clinical trails.

You can learn more about the Tuohy Vaccine here!

What's this about an after party?

Every year once the run is done, we release the gnomes take a trip across the ocean attempt to give a lick to whoever is sitting on the throne in Orrigmar! It's a bit of a challenge, and results in a few visits to the spirit healer, but it's an exciting and silly challenge at the end.


I only have a trial account, I really want to tag along, is that okay?

YES! The only thing is that you cannot join the gnome racing guilds. That's okay though, because once the run starts, we turn off guild chat to help people not get so lost. You can /join GNOMERUN and tag along with everyone else.

After the run just send us a message on facebook/twitter/tumblr with your name so we can headcount you since we usually do a count of how many people logged on to the guild that day to figure out how many gnomes we had along, and rely on people outside of the guilds letting us know that they were there since so many people show up!

I'm a gnome on Scarlet Crusade, but I'm a high level. Do I HAVE to roll a new gnome? 

You don't have to! There are horde guilds every year who act as a honor guard, and many people from the Alliance who run along protecting our tiny gnomes!

If you want to feel festive: maybe change your hair color to pink, dress up pretty, get on a fancy mount, or help pick up gnomes who get lost. The transmog options are endless!! And run along with us. All of our gnomies will appreciate the escort through the scarier parts of our trip! (Spiders, Murlocs, and Gorrillas oh my!)

If you were a gnome and ran along and didn't join the gnome racing guild, please send us a message on facebook/tumblr/twitter with your gnome's name so we know that you were running with us, so we can include you in our headcount!

I only have Hordies on Scarlet Crusade, and all of my character slots are full, or all of my characters on Scarlet Crusade aren't gnomes! 

We love, love, love our yearly horde protectors! (Even if you help kill us during the after party!) Just send us a message on facebook/twitter/tumblr whatever and let us know how many of you guys are in your group!

If you wish to blend into the crowd, pgymy oil turns you into a pink haired gnome! You can join us at the start of the race if you're Alliance in your "Disguise" and escort us along, or if you're Horde outside the gates of Stormwind.

Horde members can also rock some fabulous pink mohawks if they're Trolls! And our Alliance Night Elf Druid friends can even turn into Pink and white cats! Not to mention the outfits you can  come up with! Really we'd just like you to come along and have fun.

Just keep in mind this is a peaceful event and try to avoid the Alliance cities like Duskwood if you belong to the Horde! (PvP happens on accident there sometimes! We promise if you get killed we didn't mean for it to happen!)

I want to help with the run!

Tell your friends! Post this on your guild website! Come to the run! Like our facebook page and share it with your friends, reblog stuff from our tumblr! Spread the word! Tell everyone you know! Change your guild's tabards and tell people why!

If you have other ideas about how you can help, contact me in game on Dravinna my main, or on twitter @Dravvie, or on our facebook page or tumblr, I'd be happy to hear ideas, or help you spread the word!

Is there an EU version?

Unfortunately as of right now: not that I'm aware of. I don't have an EU account, so I don't have the ability to set up and host a run, but I'd be happy to chat with someone looking to do so, or find a way to help someone set up something similar. If I find a way to set up something in the future, I would love to help people do a similar run elsewhere.

If you are an EU player, you can actually download the US trial version and run along with us through if you wish to participate!

Can I stay in the guild afterwards?

Yes! It's not really an active guild, but they have some perks. It's just our work around for running, but I'll never, ever kick anyone out unless they're being absolutely horrible. In fact you can tell how long people have been around in the guilds based upon ranks. (New ranks are created every year!) You can always message me on twitter or on my personal tumblr if you have questions about the guild.

I can't attend but will there be a stream/video?:

Not yet officially, but there likely will be! I'll let you all know who all is streaming and making videos!

Where are you guys running?

We made you a map!