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2011 Wrap Up

First off, let me just say that this year was crazy. We were hoping to double last year's 140-ish gnomes if possible, but the turn out was insane. Even the day or two before the event, when I would sneak on to invite friends, there would be 2 or 3 gnomes all ready hanging out, chatting, leveling, waiting, and  asking for an invite.  Never did we dream to have 500 participants.

Taken about 1 or 2 hours before the run. It got way crazy after this point. 

The enthusiasm that the WoW community met the event with is always shocking. Sometimes it feels like the organizers just push things around, and much like horde of Gnomes, the event just magically happens. (It doesn't, we kind of live sleep eat gnome for a few days.)  I used to be active on Tumblr, but I kind of fell off with that. Yet, people reposted the banner aruond there, it flew around the livejournal community, we got Over 500 page views from facebook alone. People shared on their guild pages, their accounts, I saw a ton of hits from twitter. One WoWer even spread the message all around the forums for every server they played on. For the record, that person played on 47 servers, not counting Scarlet Crusade. Our general forums thread alone was 15 pages long, and highly rated. (Though, my first post got reported, and some people warned me that I would get banned for attempting to crash a server. LOL)

My guild leader's computer glitched took pink hair too seriously. Where are their bodies?!

I felt nervous setting a $300 goal this year. Last year we raised a lot, but our goal was only $100. When you're dealing with small donations, $300 can be a lofty goal. We cleared it in less than an hour. So far, as of writing this, we've reached $345, and I know some people still plan on donating, and I can't wait to see the total at the end of the month.

SeeD started a in guild tradition of Pink Tabards back in 2009, and this year, both SeeD and House of the Valar held their Breast Cancer Awareness events using the tabards to reward members for wearing them all month long. (Members gain virtual tickets all month each time an officer spots them wearing their tabards. At the end of the month, both guilds are raffling off a Vial of the Sands.)  However, many guild joined in!  Forge Camp Sunshine, Aegis Hestia, Freelance, & The Rat Pack (plus many more!) all donned pink tabards.

The race started out a bit too early. The gnomes saw it was time to go, and before we could even give a "Ready, a Set," or a Person to follow, they were off, more like a sea of pink!  You can't really stop gnomes on a mission, so we had to mute guild chat, tell them wear to stop, and there was a breif PvP party, and then we were off again.

The Tram was dangerous. I mean, gnomes are small, but there's got to be an amount limit on how many of those things you can carry on one Tram! We ran through Stormwind, parked in good old Goldshire. And then faced the terrors of Duskwood, and Stranglethorn Vale.

There were some hordies with us, but a few got PvP flagged, and we mistook it for the hordies who trying to flag us, and our escorts picked them off by accident. We're so sorry. :(

We managed to make it all the way to Booty Bay yet again, and we had a lot more 85s watching us. There were some stragglers. (I was one of them, but a gnome on a mammoth saved me!) And some gnomes died to roaming mobs. (I was one of them, but a friendly escort scooped me up).  Some folks got lost. Some folks didn't quite know where we were going.  I think a few people may have fallen in the whirlpool in STV.  The lag was crazy.

At the end when we got to Booty Bay, we managed to wrangle every one on top of the bank, and we took screenshots yet again. Making a ribbon with 500ish people is not like 100ish people. It kind of looks like a ribbon. We got a lot of great screenshots. It's came out pretty, but man, taking screenshots and arranging people at 1 FPS is really difficult.

After that, a pile of us went on an adventure and said hello to Garrosh. The horde either helped or stopped us, but we were giggling like school kids over it.


For a lot more pictures, you can check out the facebook event a member set up!

We've been featured on which is also pretty neat, on their Around Azeroth feature!

Emerald, leader of Forge Camp Sunshine, (who's a pretty cool bear) and he's the person who made last year's video made a video:

Hugglywuggles, of Forum and Youtube fame, also made a video for us! His video's a bit shorter, but apparently he rocks a gnome all year long:

As I mentioned, after all was said and done, the gnomes decided to have some extra fun, and paid the Horde a visit. We said hello to Garrosh, and are napping on his throne until next year.

Thanks for the great run you guys. Everything you guys did, from showing up, to donating, to spreading the word, to talking to people about awareness does a huge thing. See ya next year.

If you and your guild are looking for a free way to donate free Mammograms year round, you can click this link. Just clicking on the button that says "Click Here" donates apparently. I've been doing it for years.  It supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation, who gives low income women who can't afford mammograms otherwise, the chance to get screened. If you can check your guild website, or facebook, you can click on that once a day.


This was the most insane thing I had happen at the end of the run. 

I got a ton of whispers, a lot of people sharing their personal stories, or thank yous, or whatever, and I don't want to post them here, but they're pretty special just to hear about . A few of my fellow organizers got to hear them too with people whispering them and whatnot. 

But one person said they worked for Kevin Smith, and he asked them to make an appearance. But they also said that they Worked for Paramount, soooo.....I think it was a fake, LOL! But who knows!

The Blog Will be updated with more info, pictures, links to posts, and videos about this year's run, but for now, some stats!

We had over 540 people in the guild, and around 450 people-480 people online today in the guild, (some were from last year, so that's the over 500! I never gkick people from the Gnome Racing Guild!) Then we had some hordies, trial account gnomes, and a pile of 85s accompying us!

We the organizers agreed that there was, about 500 people actually running with us! We've already reached and passed this year's fundraising goal of $300 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation!! Donations are coming in still!

If you want to donate, you can find the donation link at:

Thank you to everyone that came! I know that a run like this can never be perfect, coordinating 400 people, even with two guild's worth of officers, and help, is insane when you're trying to relay information to a horde of people, but it was amazing, to see the love and support, and how much people come together.

Running of the Gnomes 2011!

It's Coming! Running of the Gnomes 2011!!
October 8th, at 8pm ST/CST! (That's 6 PST, and 9 EST!)
Some Gnomies Getting ready to go.

The second annual Running of the Gnomes will be held on Scarlet Crusade-US Alliance Side (Where else would we hold such an event?) Starting in the Gnome starting zone.

Why are you guys doing this? What's going on? Gnomes?!

Back in 2009 Skakavaz and I came up with the idea to turn SeeD's tabard Pink for the month of October.  It was a huge hit with our guild, everyone taking to heart the idea of spreading Breast Cancer awareness.  In 2010, we decided to put together a fun "little" run with some friends where we'd run from the gnome starting area to the end, and play some games and then have a party at the end, and raise some money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We turned our tabards pink, rolled our pink haired gnomes and....A LOT of gnomes showed up!!! Our "little" run turned out to be a lot of folks, who had a great time, and it was a pretty meaningful event for many people. A lot of us had a blast! We promised it would be a yearly event, and while some of us are no longer on Scarlet Crusade, Ska and I put our brains together and SeeD, House of the Valar and whole lot of us are teaming up for an amazing Gnome filled event!

SeeD in their Pink Tabars On October 23rd, 2009

How do you participate?

Easy! Roll a gnome, give it pink hair, give it a cheeky name or a name that means something to you (We love tasteful jokes, but please nothing vulgar.) or any name at all, and on the day of the event, Tatayana and friends will give you an invite to our "Racing Guild" (Gnomies are too low to participate in raids, so this is our work around.) Show up early, and we'll give you tabards, and people hanging out from various other servers.

Yet again we'll be racing to Booby, er, Booty Bay, and making ourselves a pink ribbon out of gnomes!

We look forward to seeing familiar faces, people from last year and new people this year, to raise awareness, and to join us for this fun event! Bring your friends, bring your guild!

What's the point? How does a bunch of Gnomes and Pink Tabards do anything for Breast Cancer?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Everyone's been affected by cancer of some form. And, Breast Cancer can affect our Moms, Sisters, Girlfriends, Teachers, Best Friends, Co-Workers, it can even affect Men! Breast Cancer is something that with vigilance can be caught early, and catching it early can save a life. If one pink tabard or all of those gnomes reminds even just one person to check themselves, or go get a mammogram, we've done our job for the year.

But we're also raising money along the way, playing games, and talking to our members about screening, and encouraging them to talk to family members who have been putting off going to the doctors.

What's this about Small Change? How does the pledge system work?

SeeDlings, HoTV members, and Friends will yet again be pledging small change per gnome to donate to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

Members can pick a "Small Change" amount that works well for them. They're not required to, but a good number of members did last year, and we hope they want to again this year! As you can see, even saying that for every gnome that shows up they'll donate a penny, it can add up! If you invite all of your friends and everyone agrees to do the same, and everyone donates a penny for every gnome there, we can make a big difference just by doing a small thing!

1 Penny=1 Gnome If 10 Gnomes show up You donate $0.10
1 Nickel=1 Gnome If 10 Gnomes Show up You donate $0.50
1 Dime=1 Gnome If 10 Gnomes Show up You Donate $1.00
1 Quarter=1 Gnome If 10 Gnomes Show up You Donate $2.50

Needless to say, even those of us who donated dimes last year wound up coughing up a bit of money! Some of the officers also made bets about if "X amount of people show up, I'll donate This much, and my pledge!" Never have we been so excited to turn over our piggy banks!

Or you can just donate money to the Susan G. Komen Foundation! Again, every bit helps the cause! Our Team ID Number is: 8196587

You can find our Donation Page at:

I can't go because I don't have a WoW account!

Make a trial account! Roll a pink haired gnome! Let us know you're coming!

I only have Hordies on Scarlet Crusade, and all of my character slots are full, or all of my characters on Scarlet Crusade aren't gnomes! 

Pgymy oil turns you into a pink haired gnome! You can join us at the start of the race if you're Alliance in your "Disguise" and escort us along, or if you're Horde outside the gates of Stormwind. Horde members can also rock some fabulous pink mohawks if they're Trolls! And our alliance Night Elf Druid friends can even turn into Pink and white cats! Not to mention the outfits! Just keep in mind this is a peaceful event!

I'm a gnome on Scarlet Crusade, but I'm a high level. Do I HAVE to roll a new gnome? 

You don't have to! Maybe change your hair color to...Pink! And run along with us. All of our gnomies will appreciate the escort through the scarier parts of our trip!

I want to help with the run!  

Tell your friends! Post this on your guild website! Tell everyone and anyone you know! Turn your tabards pink, and tell your realm why!  Or maybe you have other ideas of how you can help?

Where are you guys Running?!

Well, we drew you a handy dandy map! Well, Skakavaz did this year, I just got killed a lot in the process while testing out our route. :P

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