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24 Hour Child's Play Charity Stream!

Happy Holidays Gnomies!! I hope the winter is treating you well!

Some of you may remember Elvine who helped promote The Running of the Gnomes 2012 and hosted a stream of the event! If you don't, go get to know him!

Well, he’s hosting a 24 Hour Child’s Play Charity Stream starting tomorrow December 14th at 9 EST. He’s all ready started raising money, but his goal this year is $5,000 for the charity (a big goal)!! But if charity doesn’t get you motivated enough, he’s doing lots and lots of giveaways too during the event.

Stuff like Spectral Tigers, and Cinder Kitties and a whole bunch of game keys for  various steam games!! Plus stuff like Diablo 3 gold, Closed beta keys (DotA 2, Firefall), software for multiboxing. Some Steelseries stuff, some rare pets (like the Hyacinth Macaw!!), and even a Dragonhawk!

You can get more info and see all of the prizes on his new website! (Sign up and join his forums while you're there, there's lots of great info!

Please, please please spread the word, and if you're home (as he told me, there's a 24 hour window, lots of chances in your day!) stop by for the stream and say hello to him!

2012 Wrap Up and Thank Yous!

This year was even crazier than the last! Because we delayed the event due to the launch of Mists to the end of the month, we had a lot of people anxiously awaiting the event, but in the final hours we had such an amazing last second push from all over the WoW community to make the run happen.  But happen it did! As of writing we've raised  $1,135 for the Cleveland Clinic to help with the Touhy Vaccine, a research program that is working on a vaccine that could prevent breast cancer, and donations from our gnomies are still rolling in!

You can donate here:

We had 535 gnomes total online this year, with around 480 average online at any given time, and a total of 800ish gnomes in the guild. (We don't kick out gnomes from previous years, I actually promote each year's gnomes to a new rank, giving them a new rank so you can see how long people have been participating!)

We had a pile of alliance escorts, including the lovely Otenshi and Penseroso from Forge Camp Sunshine (Forge Camp Sunshine also won our guild contest, and got 20,000 gold and a Ruby Panther!), as well as people from SeeD, an many people from the Horde, including Malice, and another horde guild who's name I did not catch. But apparently, according to their guild member's email, there were around 70 of them planning to attend and each time they were killed by Alliance guards while killing off mobs that would attack the gnomes, the amount that they had pledged to donate doubled!

A huge, huge thank you to the people of the reddit community especially Penseroso who was kind enough to share the gnome blog repeatedly for me over there, and make his whole guild wear pink tabards for a month! As well as NCRzombie who posted a 183 image gallery from the run, many of the pictures are featured in our slideshow below! you guys upvoted, and shared, and didn't punt gnomes, and spread the word and were awesome.

Also, thanks to Penseroso of Scarlet Crusade for making his yearly video!

Thanks to the folks over on tumblr, facebook, and twitter for reblogging, retweeting, sharing and telling your friends! Especially the folks who liked the Running of the Gnomes facebook page, shared it with their friends, shared pictures (which we reposted here!) and were in general amazing!!

Especially thanks to those of you who retweeted, upvoted and reblogged because you heard about it through Elvine, who reached out to me the night before the run (actually at about 1am! the day of!) because he heard about it from one of his viewers! For added fun he actually livestreamed the event, (we were a bit evil and gave him invite powers and tabards, the craziest part of the run!) and streamed our vent where we were hanging out with some of the people from Forge Camp Sunshine.

Which you can view his entire stream from the night here:

Part One:

Part Two:

Thank you to people on WoW_Ladies and Dear_Gnome! I love seeing all of you year after year after year. Zombella, Gniblet, Gnutcracker, and many others that I don't know your names!! You ladies, gnomes, socks and lurklemen are awesome!! <3

A big thanks to the people on the forums! To people in Scarlet Crusade's forums for putting up with us every year! (We love you!) And to our friendly CRZ buddies for being so excited and welcoming. But most of all, to everyone who bumped our general chat thread, who shared them with their friends, especially people like Moused, Huggywuggles, and Jadesigh.  Extra big props to Huggywuggles who not only bumped our thread, but made our teaser video, and made another video as well that featured his experience of the run!


Femtaur did a really great blog post! You can find their great blog here! 
(They also took my favorite Stormwind city gate screenshot!)

Also if you peek in their blog post you can see the Sha of Happiness in their screenshots. Much giggling was had when they got invited to the guild between a guildie and I! 

Allie O'Neil of the Examiner posted an article on highlighting the event! You can find her article here!

Spyd3r0n3 also did a livetream that I found!

If you have a video, a post, or something else and I've missed it, shoot me a message, and I'd love to include it here, otherwise, thank you all for being so amazing, and see you next year! <3

PS: Want to Know how our After Party Went?

A whole bunch of us headed over to go say hi to Garrosh, or as I called him "Hogger", and a few of us even managed to give him a /lick!

Are You Excited?!?!!

It's Coming! Running of the Gnomes 2012!!
October 27th, at 8pm ST/CST! (That's 6 PST, and 9 EST!)

The third annual Running of the Gnomes will be held on Scarlet Crusade-US Alliance Side (Where else would we hold such an event?) Starting in the Gnome starting zone!!

Running of the Gnomes 2012 will benefit The Cleveland Clinic, creators of the Tuohy Vaccine that could prevent Breast Cancer. This year we’ll even have two exciting contests! Read on for more!!

Check out this this Trailer for a Preview of this year's Event (Props go to Hugglywuggles!)

Why are you guys doing this? What's going on? Gnomes?!

Back in 2009 Skakavaz and I came up with the idea to turn SeeD's tabard Pink for the month of October.  It was a huge hit with our guild, everyone taking to heart the idea of spreading Breast Cancer awareness.  In 2010, we decided to put together a fun "little" run with some friends where we'd run from the gnome starting area to the end, and play some games and then have a party at the end, and raise some money for charity. We turned our tabards pink, rolled our pink haired gnomes and....A LOT of gnomes showed up!!! Our "little" run turned out to be a lot of folks, who had a great time, and it was a pretty meaningful event for many people. A lot of us had a blast! We promised it would be a yearly event, and in 2011 FIVE HUNDRED or more gnomes showed up and lagged up the server in the name of raising awareness, funds and having a good time! We cannot wait to see everyone again and see how many gnomes show up this year!!

SeeD in their Pink Tabards On October 23rd, 2009

Get to the fun stuff!! Gnomes, running!! How do I do it??

Easy! Roll a gnome, give it pink hair, give it a cheeky name or a name that means something to you (We love tasteful jokes, but please nothing vulgar.) or any name at all, and on the day of the event, Tatayana and friends will give you an invite to our "Racing Guild" (Gnomies are too low to participate in raids, so this is our work around.) Show up early, and we'll give you tabards, and people hanging out from various other servers.

Last year, gnomes who were on a Trial Account couldn’t join guilds, but they could still run along! We’re still all talking in say, and the run is pretty fun/crazy! If you make it to the end without falling off the tram or being eaten by all that’s in Strangethorn you deserve to feel pretty awesome! (I fell pray to the tram one year. Yikes!)

Yet again we'll be racing to Booby, er, Booty Bay, and if we can, this year, our goal is a heart!
Challenge mode activate!!

We look forward to seeing familiar faces, people from last year and the year before (did you know you can tell how long racers have been racing by their ranks in the guild?) and new people this year, to raise awareness, and to join us for this fun event! Bring your friends, bring your guild, bring your whole server!!

What's the point? How does a bunch of Gnomes and Pink Tabards do anything for Breast Cancer?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Everyone's been affected by cancer of some form. And, Breast Cancer can affect our Moms, Sisters, Girlfriends, Teachers, Best Friends, Co-Workers, it can even affect Men! Breast Cancer is something that with vigilance can be caught early, and catching it early can save a life. If people start talking about why the tabards are pink and everyone’s running around wearing them, it can spark conversations with our loved ones and the people in our lives.  If one pink tabard or all of those gnomes reminds even just one person to check themselves, or go get a mammogram, or encourage that family member to go in to the doctor who’s been putting it off we've done our job for the year.

But we're also raising money along the way, playing games, and talking to our members about screening, and encouraging them to talk to family members who have been putting off going to the doctors.

You mentioned contests?!?

Yes! We decided to add two exciting contests with prizes this year!

First off is Best Dressed Level 1 Gnome!

Submit your screenshot (1 screenshot please!) of your level 1 Gnome. Nothing is too fancy, nothing is too plain! Get creative with your screenshot, costume, ect!

Submit your screenshots  to our facebook page starting September 25th entries t
hrough October 20th.  The most likes win! Your entry should have your charchter's name somewhere in and or on it, so we can contact you!

If you do not wish to post them on the facebook page yourselves email them to: I will post them as I can!

There will be a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd prize handed out at the end of the race!

Unless the server crashes or the lag is too bad, and if that’s the case, we’ll email the contest winner to set up prize collection!

Our Second Contest Is For Guilds Who Turn Their Tabards Pink! 

For each guild that takes a screenshot of the group of them with pink tabards and sends in a screenshot of 5 or more guildies together I’ll put their name into a hat and draw a name for a prize! (I’ll even draw it on camera to prove I’m being fair about it!)

Submit your screenshots to the facebook page, and add your guild name and server to them! Entries that don't have this info will be disqualified!!

Again, if you don't wish to post them yourselves, please send them to
Submissions start on October 1st and close on October 26th!  Prize to be announced for this!!

Contests are open to everyone!

Keep in mind that some prizes people will need to collect on Scarlet Crusade!! Some will be something fabulous like pets so you can use them cross server! Others like gold will be limited to the realms of Scarlet Crusade!

What's this about Small Change? How does the pledge system work?

SeeDlings, and Friends will yet again be pledging small change per gnome to donate to a charity of their choice. SeeD is
encouraging people to donate to the Cleveland Clinic because of their work on the Touhy Vaccine, which is being developed to prevent breast cancer in adults and is working towards clinical trials. Also, not only is the Cleveland Clinic working towards a vaccine we’d all like to see come to light, they have a low overhead, and many employers do a donation matching program with them.

Members can pick a "Small Change" amount that works well for them. They're not required to, but a good number of members did last year, and we hope they want to again this year! As you can see, even saying that for every gnome that shows up they'll donate a penny, it can add up! If you invite all of your friends and everyone agrees to do the same, and everyone donates a penny for every gnome there, we can make a big difference just by doing a small thing!

1 Penny=1 Gnome If 10 Gnomes show up You donate $0.10
1 Nickel=1 Gnome If 10 Gnomes Show up You donate $0.50
1 Dime=1 Gnome If 10 Gnomes Show up You Donate $1.00
1 Quarter=1 Gnome If 10 Gnomes Show up You Donate $2.50

This year you can find our donation site at:

After the run I’ll let you know how many gnomes showed up, and you can make a choice from there where and how much to donate!

Needless to say, even those of us who donated dimes in years past wound up coughing up a bit of money! Some of the officers also made bets about if "X amount of people show up, I'll donate This much, and my pledge!" Never have we been so excited to turn over our piggy banks!

Why aren’t you guys raising money for Susan G. Komen Anymore?

Susan G. Komen decided to cut off support to Planned Parenthood, who provides low cost mammograms to many women. Pro choice or Pro Life, many women turn to PP for a lot of  basic women’s health needs, including breast health. Planned Parenthood is one of the biggest low cost mammogram provider. If they can’t provide one either because of space or state limitations, they provide vouchers and referrals to low cost clinics that can.  Though Komen decided to reverse the decision for this year, it was heart wrenching to think that an organization that we put our names with would turn their back on part of the idea that this whole run was about; which is encouraging and helping women to get tested, even when so many may not always have the financial or access means to.

Politics don’t have a place in Azeroth unless we’re talking Campfire for Warchief 2012 and it seems easier to support other organizations that are creating cures, and helping find the cure we all desire.  If the Cleveland Clinic isn’t the right fit for you  to donate to (though, I think they’re pretty dandy, and I strongly suggest you speak to Skakavaz about how amazing they are if you have questions! She really convinced me!) the American Cancer Society, The National Breast Cancer Foundation, and Planned Parenthood are all great places to donate, as well as local organizations that help pay down bills of cancer patients.

I can't go because I don't have a WoW account/an active WoW account!

Make a trial account! Roll a pink haired gnome! If like last year, trial accounts cannot join the gnome guild you can still enjoy going to the event by running along with all of us!

If your account isn’t active, and hasn’t been active for a bit, I bet you could get a scroll of resurrection sent your way. I doubt Blizzard would mind seeing you back! :)

I only have Hordies on Scarlet Crusade, and all of my character slots are full, or all of my characters on Scarlet Crusade aren't gnomes!

Pgymy oil turns you into a pink haired gnome! You can join us at the start of the race if you're Alliance in your "Disguise" and escort us along, or if you're Horde outside the gates of Stormwind. Horde members can also rock some fabulous pink mohawks if they're Trolls! And our alliance Night Elf Druid friends can even turn into Pink and white cats! Not to mention the outfits you can  come up with! Really the event is about having fun!

Just keep in mind this is a peaceful event and try to avoid the Alliance cities like Duskwood if you belong to the Horde! (We ran into some trouble there last year!)

I'm a gnome on Scarlet Crusade, but I'm a high level. Do I HAVE to roll a new gnome?

You don't have to! Maybe change your hair color to...Pink! And run along with us. All of our gnomies will appreciate the escort through the scarier parts of our trip!

I want to help with the run!  

Tell your friends! Post this on your guild website! Come to the run! Like our facebook page and invite all of your friends to the event! Spread the word! Tell everyone and anyone you know! Participate in our contests! Turn your tabards pink, and tell your realm why!  Or maybe you have other ideas of how you can help?

Where are you guys Running?!

Well, we drew you a handy dandy map! Well, Skakavaz did this last year, I just got killed a lot in the process while testing out our route. I can verifiably say, I don’t recommend gnoming it alone!

PS. Last year after the run we decided to take the party to Org! Who knows where we’ll decide to take the "After Party" to this year??

On Gnomes and Susan G.

For those of you who are wondering, due to Susan G. Komen's choice to pull support from Planned Parenthood, we will be finding another organization this fall to donate to. An update closer to the event of who we will be providing support to and more information about this group will be provided.

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